A veteran is someone who, at one point in his life wrote a blank check made payable to 'these United States of America' for an amount of 'up to and including my life.'  That is Honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it.

The Warhorse Brotherhood MC is a motorcycle club that is composed of honorably discharged veterans, and selected brother members who have demonstrated their support for the club's mission. The Warhorse Brotherhood MC is just that: an exclusive brotherhood with a mission. Like any other MC we carefully select those individuals whom we would accept as patch holders using the hang around and prospect process.


Our Club is based in South Carolina with chapters in Charleston, Columbia, and Sumpter with Nomads across the state.


Our mission is several fold:

1. To assist veterans wherever and whenever possible.

2. To support and promote veterans interests and issues.

3. To ensure that the government and citizens of this country never forget the  POW/MIA's.

4. To honor the memory of ALL America's warriors, regardless of the conflict they fought in or the side they defended.  (Thus, we pay homage  to the fallen Confederate soldier just as we pay homage to the soldiers who died in all of America's wars.)

5. To demonstrate, by our actions, the true meaning of brotherhood.


Many of America's veterans choose to ride motorcycles as an expression of the freedom and independence that they fought for and stood ready to defend. So it is with the members of the Warhorse Brotherhood MC. We have no interest in the business or problems of any other club or organization. We make no territorial claims. We do however, recognize that to get respect you have to give respect. Thus, we respect those clubs whose efforts have paved the way for those of us who choose to adopt this lifestyle.

We  are founded on the principals of HONOR and BROTHERHOOD.

Honor: Honor and honesty go hand-in-hand. When a veteran presents his DD-214 to us for verification, he is presenting the story of his military service. Thus, if you say you did something, your DD-214 had better reflect it. To falsify or misrepresent your military service is a theft of honor - we do not tolerate thieves. Nor do we tolerate liars.

Brotherhood: We are looking for individuals who understand the true meaning of brotherhood: men who will never leave a brother by the side of the road, who will always look around to see that everyone is accounted for when the Brotherhood is ready to move.We are looking for people who understand that Brotherhood is not to be abused: if your brother does something for you, you are honor bound to return the favor.  We are looking for people who will conduct themselves in a manner that will reflect honorably upon veterans and the Brotherhood as a whole, and who also understands that “if you mess with one of us- you answer to all of us”.

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If you are looking to join just to wear a patch and look cool, Warhorse Brotherhood MC isn’t for you.



WARHORSE BROTHERHOOD MC and the horse logo (R) are trademarks owned by Warhorse Brotherhood MC, registered in South Carolina and the United States. All logos and designs of Warhorse Brotherhood MC are trademark-protected (TM) and protected according to international law. Copying and other use is not allowed.